Focus Group

The focus group is organised in the form of a semi-directed group interview following a grid established beforehand. It allows you to explore in greater depth the themes that particularly interest you and to obtain a more precise vision of your teaching.

Durée 1 hour during a teaching session

Nombre de participant·e·s 5-10 students

Délais 5-10 days to receive the results file


  1. Check the Principles for a successful evaluation
  2. Contact the CSE to organise the Focus Group and specify the themes to address
  3. Inform the students of the Focus Group process (the teacher does not attend the Focus Group meeting)
  4. Plan a meeting with the CSE to receive and discuss about the results report

Additional documents/tools:

Time period 
→ Planning of your evaluation : minimum 5 working days before the date chosen for the assessment
→ Customisation of a tool : 3 additional working days

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