Photo Expression session

A photo expression session is organised in the form of a group interview with the use of photographs or images. This methodology aims to facilitate students' expression and enable them to become aware of and deepen their representations, conceptions and sense of learning in relation to your teaching. 

Durée 1 or 2 hours during a teaching session

Nombre de participant·e·s 8-15 students

Délais 5-10 days to receive the results file


  1. Check the Principles for a successful evaluation
  2. Contact the CSE to organise the Photo Expression session and specify the themes to address
  3. Inform the students of the Photo Expression process (the teacher does not attend the Photo Expression meeting)
  4. Plan a meeting with the CSE to receive and discuss about the results report

Time period 
→ Planning of your evaluation : minimum 5 working days before the date chosen for the assessment
→ Customisation of a tool : 3 additional working days

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