Questionnaires for the analysis “Importance-Performance”

The cross-analysis of the results of two questionnaires provides quantitative and qualitative data: on the functioning of your teaching, on the importance for student learning of each dimension evaluated by them. These questionnaires have been developed as part of a research project and tested in several teachings. The cross-analysis of the results will help you to better understand which aspects of your teaching could be developed and to prioritise them.

Durée 30 minutes during a teaching session

Nombre de participant·e·s  all the students (at least 10)

Délais 5-10 days to receive the results file


  1. Check the Principles for a successful evaluation
  2. Contact the CSE to plan the evaluation and precise the eventual changes you would like to be applied
  3. Inform the students of the process and mobilise them to complete the 2 questionnaires, preferably during a course
  4. Plan a meeting with the CSE to receive and discuss about the results report

Additional documents/tools:


Time period 
→ Planning of your evaluation : minimum 5 working days before the date chosen for the assessment
→ Customisation of a tool : 3 additional working days

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