Emergency childcare

| UNIL free service (SOS Parents) | Red Cross Sick Childcare Service

As a father or mother with a UNIL contract, you are entitled to five working days a year to look after a sick child. You can also find an emergency care solution using the resources shown below.

UNIL free service (SOS Parents)

Is your child ill, is the person who usually looks after them unavailable or has something unexpected cropped up at work?

If you are working or studying at UNIL, you can contact our partner profawo, who will put you in touch with an « emergency nanny » (minimum period of care: four hours).

Emergency care through profawo is available to you free of charge through the Equal Opportunities Office for up to 35 hours per calendar year, provided that:

  • One of the parents is registered at UNIL or has a UNIL contract*.
  • The need for emergency care is the result of an unexpected short-term situation and associated with a professional or study obligation for the UNIL parent.
  • The parent’s home is in the canton of Vaud.

* Salary paid by UNIL

Above the 35-hour threshold or if you don't live in the canton of Vaud, care will be charged by profawo at CHF 35/hour.

Contact profawo directly :


profawo Suisse romande
Tél. 022 321 02 78, sr@profawo.ch

Salary certificate

Coverage by UNIL of the costs of this care constitutes a fully taxable benefit. As a result, it will be shown on your salary certificate. On the other hand, it will not be subject to social-security contributions.


Other profawo services

profawo is also available to members of the university community to:



Red Cross Sick Childcare Service


The Red Cross Service de Garde d’Enfants Malades sends an appropriately trained employee to the family’s home to look after the sick child who is unable to attend school or nursery.

The price of this service depends on the parents’ income. Certain health insurance companies cover the costs up to a certain number of hours or amount per year.

In the event of the short-term illness or incapacity of parents, the Red Cross offers the Les Koalas emergency childcare facility (for preschoolers), and the Parents-Rescousse Service.