ELSTE, founded 20 years ago

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Conference_Stewart.jpg (Conference_Stewart)After several years of informal collaboration, the Earth sciences departments of the University of Geneva and the University of Lausanne joined together to form the "l'Ecole Lémanique des Sciences de la Terre", the ELSTE in 1999. ELSTE offers a Master ès sciences in Earth sciences, jointly between UNIGE and UNIL. With more than 50 teachers, ELSTE proposes around a hundred courses in as many different fields as: geophysics - petrology - volcanology - sedimentology - reservoir geology - ore deposits - paleontology - geochronology - isotopic geochemistry - alpine geology - risk assessment.

On November, 28th, 2019 at UNIGE, to celebrate this 20th birthday, ELSTE invited the Prof. Iain Stewart to give a talk linked with current events entitled "Natural Hazards: how to communicate to save life". It was a success and the attendance was over 200!

The video of the lecture is available in original version, with French translation or with English translation.

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Iain Stewart was also interviewed by the RTS for the radio program "tout un monde".

Iain Stewart

Iain_Stewart.jpg (Iain_Stewart)Following his graduation in geology at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland, Iain Stewart continued his academic career at the University of Bristol with a PhD on earthquakes in the Mediterranean. He first taught at Brunel University and after that he entered the geosciences center at the University of Glasgow in 2002. In parallel, he launched a TV series on geology. The following year, he worked with BBC on the program Rough Science and two special programs: The real Atlantis and The seismic storms. Since 2004, Iain Stewart has been a lecturer  in geosciences communications at the University of Plymouth. His work have been awarded with several prices, such as the European Federation of Geologists’ Merit Award in 2016 or the Ness medal from the Royal Geographical Society in 2010, for popularizing the Earth sciences.

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