Schedule of courses for the academic year 2020/2021

Spring semester 2021 and Fall semester 2021

Complete schedule of courses of the Master in Earth sciences for the Fall semester 2021 and the Spring semester 2022. Warning: the documents indicates dates for the Master courses but not the location of the courses. See below "Location of courses" for more information.

You will find in the two above documents an agenda of the Fall semester 2021 and the Spring semester 2022 with the 3 orientations. Titles of courses written in capital letters are given at the UNIGE. 

Location of courses

To know the location of the courses, either in Geneva or in Lausanne, please visit this page under the heading

Master of Sciences in Earth sciences

You can find it by click here

Master courses are mainly held:

  • at the University of Geneva, Rue des Maraîchers 13
  • at the University of Lausanne, building Géopolis


Université de Genève Université de Lausanne