Reimbursement of travel expenses within the Universities of the Triangle Azur

Within the Triangle Azur (University of Geneva, University of Lausanne and University of Neuchâtel) students who are travelling from the university to which they are affiliated to another university in order to follow courses can get a reimbursement of their travel expenses according to the guidelines (in French) issued by the rectorates of the universities of the Triangle Azur.

Note: Since the academic year 2014, when the Master thesis needs the use of a laboratory in another university of the Triangle Azur and on demand of the Master supervisor, 28 trips can be covered during the second year of the Master.

Beware that the duly completed form must be returned to the Secretariat for students for UNIGE students and to the coordinator of the ELSTE for UNIL students at the latest two months after the end of the semester. The train tickets must be glued on the front-side of sheets of paper. Holders of a SwissPass must provide a photocopy of the proof of purchase or of the monthly bills.




Université de Genève Université de Lausanne