Orientation Geochemistry, Alpine Tectonics, Ore Deposits - GATO

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Coordinators : Müntener O., Moritz R., Schmalholz S.

 Acquired during the two years of Master study in the orientation Geochemistry, Alpine Tectonics, Ore Deposits, the training provides the tools needed to elucidate the sequence of events recorded in the rocks of our planet, locate areas suitable for the exploitation of raw materials, or examine and explain the dynamic processes affecting the outer parts of our Earth, such as the formation and destruction of mountain ranges, volcanic eruptions or magma genesis. The theoretical and practical courses cover areas such as petrology, isotope geochemistry, tectonics, geodynamics, structural geology, ore deposits, the continuum mechanics, numerical modeling, and analytical methods in laboratory and of course work in the field. Throughout their curriculum in the Master in Geology, students gain theoretical knowledge but also the opportunity to work in a series of state-of-the-art analytical laboratories. Lectures are held in the form of courses, practicals, seminars, field camp. The orientation Geochemistry, Alpine Tectonics, Ore Deposits offers unique courses in Switzerland and Europe through its interdisciplinary approach and the nearby natural laboratory that is the Swiss Jura and the Alps, the number of experts involved, internal to the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne and external guests. The vast and eclectic course offering of this orientation allows students to make a personal university curriculum to meet their needs for guidance, according to their career plan, both to an academic path, as to the professional world, allowing them to focus on jobs in the mining industry, in geological and environmental impact offices or in governmental agencies.


Study plan from 2020

Mandatory modules given in this orientation:

  • Petrological processes in geodynamic environments
  • Quantitative tectonics and rocks deformation
  • Geophysics across scales for geologists
  • Field trips

Optional modules given in this orientation:

  • Stable and radiogenic isotope geochemistry
  • Petrology and fluids in the Earth’s crust
  • Advanced petrology and volcanology
  • Advanced structural geology
  • Fundamentals of numerical modelling and data analysis
  • Ore deposits
  • Mineral exploration
  • Applied and environmental mineralogy
  • Pratique de la géologie environnementale
  • Fluid flow for geologists
  • Spatial analysis applied to geology and risk

Master topic

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