Orientation Sedimentary, Environmental, and Reservoir Geology - SERG

| Study plan from 2020 | Master topic

Coordinators : Martini R. – Adatte T.

The sedimentary cover of the Earth is the result of the interaction between tectonics, weathering and erosion, sediment transport and biological and geochemical processes. Sediments and sedimentary rocks therefore contain fundamental information on the history of the Earth, the environment, climate and life. In addition, sediments and sedimentary rocks are the largest reservoir of the main natural resources such as water, fossil fuels, metals and raw materials. The orientation Sedimentary, Environmental, and Reservoir geology offers a wide and extensive training focusing on sedimentology, stratigraphy, paleontology, basin analysis, reservoir geology, environmental geology and geophysics.

Instruction is provided in the form of ex-cathedra courses, seminars, field trips and independent research. This orientation is unique in Switzerland and Central Europe in general due to its focus on current and fossil surface processes, its interdisciplinary approach, access to a natural laboratory that is the Swiss Jura and the Alps, the number of experts involved, internal to the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne and external guests.

The program proposed in this Master is an ideal preparation to further academic training (PhD) as well as to environmental professions, to engineering geology and to industrial reservoirs and to geo-energy.


Study plan from 2020

Mandatory modules given in this orientation:

  • Sedimentary rocks and processes from source-to-sink
  • Life evolving with Earth
  • Basin research
  • Geophysics across scales for geologists

Optional modules given in this orientation:

  • Integrated basin analysis
  • Reservoir geology I
  • Reservoir geology II
  • Biostratigraphy and micropalentology
  • 2D and 3D seismic interpretations
  • Borehole logging and rock physics
  • Fluid flow for geologists
  • Spatial analysis applied to geology and risk
  • Fundamentals of numerical modelling and data analysis
  • Advanced structural geology
  • Pratique de la géologie environnementale

Master topic

You will find here some propositions of Master thesis topic for the academic year 2021.




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