Call for projects


This measure is intended to enable doctoral and postdoctoral researchers to create an event for their colleagues, regardless of their respective research areas. The measure, introduced by the Direction of the University of Lausanne, allows for the organization of an event in the form of a workshop, a symposium, a round table, an invitation of conference speakers from the academic, public or private sector, a visit to organizations or industries, an exhibition, etc. The format of fundable events is left purposefully open so as not to limit the creativity and diversity of applicants’ ideas. The event will aim to broaden participants’ academic and methodological backgrounds. The event should bring together a majority of other doctoral candidates and postdocs. It should ideally cross disciplinary boundaries or at least present a clear interest in optimizing participants’ career prospects.


Members of the organizing committee

The organizing committee will consist of 2 to 3 persons, at doctoral or postdoctoral level, premiers assistants (senior assistants), maîtres assistants (junior lecturer), MA Ambizione, and senior FNS researchers). The organizing committee will consist of members of the same faculty, or of different faculties. A person may be part of only one organizing committee in the same calendar year. Once constituted, the organizing committee will designate a leader from among their number.


Target Audience

The event will bring together at least 10 attendees (including the organizers) of the same faculty or from different faculties of the UNIL and the CHUV. The event can be designed to target specifically doctoral candidates, specifically postdocs, or a mixed public. These events may be opened to other faculty members (professors, students, administrative and technical staff), for as long as at least 50% of the attendees are composed of the target audience.



The measure provides a financial contribution of up to CHF 4'000. The amount awarded will cover exclusively the costs related to the event such as travel, accommodation, remuneration of contributors from Switzerland and abroad, and coffee breaks. The organizers are strongly invited to follow the tariffs and costs permitted by the CUSO, available on the right (CUSO Directives, in French), which are also used by UNIL.


What cannot be funded?

  • Events related to a narrow field of research;
  • Salaries and translation/interpretation costs;
  • Research costs or conference participation;
  • Travel abroad by organizers or participants;
  • Travel and accommodation for participants of other universities;
  • Printing of conference proceedings or similar publications.



Before the event

The leader will coordinate and serve as contact person. S/he will submit the completed and signed form by e-mail no later than three months before the event, to the Graduate Campus (

Invoices related to the event will be endorsed by the leader of the organizing committee.

During the event

The committee agrees to offer a proper visibility to the Graduate Campus as a sponsor during the event (flyers, powerpoint slide, roll-up), in agreement with the Graduate Campus staff.

After the event

At least one month after the event, the organizing committee leader provides the Graduate Campus with:

  • a financial report (including original invoices and receipts).
  • a summary feedback report from the committee members;
  • the list of participants;
  • an evaluation of the event by participants (evaluation sheets).



Requests should be addressed to


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