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Getting your PhD off to a good start

Starting an ambitious project like a PhD requires planning, time management, work discipline and a clear mind around goals, expectations, and respective roles between the PhD candidate and the supervisor.

In this half-day workshop, we cover the following topics through short presentations and discussion:

  • The key stages of a doctorate at UNIL and the Code of Practice for the Doctorate.
  • The rights and obligations of doctoral candidates and their supervisors, and the ways in which we can establish effective and adapted communication.
  • The challenges doctoral candidates can encounter, and how to deal with them.
  • Methods for time and task management.
  • Professional paths and futures for doctoral holders (careers within and beyond academia).

Target group: PhD candidates (first or second semester) from all faculties

Facilitator: Benjamin Rudaz, Graduate Campus

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Research in general, and a doctorate in particular, can be a lonely activity, and a source of stress, self-doubt and mental blocks. Isolation is an ideal environment for these feelings to thrive, and puts a strain on morale and analytical capacities. The restrictions of lockdown have taken this risk to a new level, by putting pressure on relationships and forcing everybody into home-office.

The Graduate Campus invites you to take the time for a short online session (max. 6 persons) to share between peers the challenges, questions, and potential  solutions to this weird period. The discussion will be facilitated by a member of the Graduate Campus, and the core of our time together will be devoted to peer-to-peer exchange. 

If individual situations require it, a separate discussion with a member of the Graduate Campus can be scheduled after the session, to allow for a more in-depth discussion.

Facilitator: Mélanie Bosson or Benjamin Rudaz

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How to express my supervision needs to my supervisor

In order to built a good relation with your supervisor, you can contact the Graduate Campus to discuss topics as:

  • The doctoral supervision process
  • Your role and the role of your supervisor in this relationship
  • Tools to analyse your needs and express them to your supervisor

Contact: Benjamin Rudaz,



Preparing to present your thesis to a jury and to the public (in French)

Goals of the Workshop

  • Distinguish the context of the jury examination from that of the public presentation
  • How best to prepare the public presentation
  • How to communicate effectively
  • How to respond to the Jury

You will be asked to bring a 5 minute presentation of your PhD research.

Target public: doctoral candidates (2 to 6 months before the jury examination or public presentation) from all faculties

Facilitator: Dr Mélanie Bosson, Graduate Campus


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