Services and Fees

Services Provided by the GTF

The service goals of the GTF are to :

  • provide access to the instrumentation and the consumables that are required for the use of the pre-printed oligonucleotide microarrays available from Affymetrix and Illumina as well as miRNA gene microarrays from Agilent Technologies
  • provide users with the bioinformatics support and consultation services at the stages of experimental design, data collection and storage, image analysis and, when possible, higher level data analysis
  • provide laboratory space and computer workstations to perform the experiments and/or analyses
  • provide training and supervision in the both preparation of samples for a microarray experiment and the use of the instruments needed to complete the experiment
  • assist in the production of custom microarrays.


Planning & performing an experiment

Potential users should contact Julien Marquis to discuss performing experiments in the GTF. Users are required to complete an Agreement Form (available upon request) that asks for information about the proposed experiment and provides information about costs and the conditions for access to the GTF services. Experiments will be scheduled on a first-come first-serve basis.

Fees charged by the GTF

Fees will be charged for the use of some GTF instruments. These fees help to pay for instrument maintenance costs. Please contact the GTF for a listing of the fees and the array prices.

Note regarding experimental design

Even in the most carefully performed investigations, poor experimental planning and design can result in the generation of useless and/or un-interpretable data. This can very often be avoided by including statistical considerations during the experimental design stage. Users are strongly encouraged to make use of the bioinformatic and statistical consultation services provided by the GTF when designing their projects - BEFORE ANY steps of the experiment have been carried out.

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