Management internship

As part of the Bachelor's course, students have the option of an internship for which 6 ECTS credits may be awarded.

Internships have the following main features:

  • Internships are open to students who have completed the first and second year of their Bachelor's. They are also open to students who repeat the 2nd year.
  • The proposed internship must be approved by a HEC Lausanne professor who agrees to assess the internship. The assessment is made essentially on the basis of a report on the internship.
  • The internship should be equivalent to a minimum of eight weeks, full time, in a single department of a company. Part time work throughout the year cannot be considered as equivalent to an internship.
  • Interns should be supervised within the company by a competent and experienced person whose name should be shown in the internship agreement.

The internship agreement should be submitted during the first 15 days of the internship to the Bachelors' administration office. Internships cannot be approved after the event.

The internship agreement form and all the rules and procedures which should be observed during the internship are available below:

Convention de stage  (214 Ko)

An internship that is carried out in a company in China during the 3rd year and that is validated by the Bachelors’ administration office can be counted in the criteria for the delivery of the “Attestation d’études chinoises” issued by the China Economics and Finance Center (CEFC). Learn more

Grass roots work experience (SPT)

Students working towards a Bachelor's degree may also undertake experience of working at the grass roots for which they will receive 3 credits.

Grass roots work experience has the following main features:

  • The Faculty of Business and Economics wishes its graduates to have a sense of responsibility and a certain humility faced with the challenges created by the world of work. It therefore encourages students in the first and second year of their bachelor's degree course to acquire experience of work at the grass roots, and offers the option of having such experience validated through the award of credits in the third year.  This experience should not be related to the skills already acquired through study at university and should therefore be complementary to the agreed internship in the third year. Nevertheless, the student will be required to undertake critical reflection, relating their experience at the grass roots to the subjects taught on the bachelor’s degree course, and to write a report on the work.
  • This report should only be submitted, in person, to the Bachelors' administration office in november of the 1st attempt of the 3rd year. A Vice-dean of the School will be responsible for approving it.
  • Approved grass roots experience gives the right to 3 credits for the 3rd year of the BSc.

You will find all the information relating to the Grass Roots Experience below:

Internship and job offers

You can find internship and work experience opportunities offered through the Career Center on (HEC Lausanne student login details required).

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