Admission to a Bachelor


Submission of the application

  • 30 April
  • 28 February for candidates needing a study visa (more information)


Semester cancellation

Cancellation of the Fall semester is authorized until October 15 only and the one of the Spring semester until March 15 only. Passed these dates, every student will be obliged to register and sit his/her examinations.


Learn more: please read the "General deadlines" guideline


CHF 580.- per semester

+ for non Swiss diplomas: CHF 200.- administrative fee

Learn more: please read the "Administrative fees" guideline



Students admitted for registration at the University of Lausanne who have succesfully completed courses in another faculty or university and who wish to be exempted from certain courses can address a request for course equivalences if they want to pursue their studies at HEC Lausanne.

Learn more

Admissions without a secondary-school diploma

Entrance examinations for candidates without a secondary-school diploma according to the “Preliminary entrance examination regulations" (see Regulations and guidelines). 


  • The letter of application, accompanied by a CV, must be sent to the faculty’s Reception by January 31. A full application for the following academic year’s admission must be sent to UNIL’s Admissions Unit by April 30 at the latest.
  • The entrance examination session will take place in the summer (in June, in principle)
  • Please contact the secretariat of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (SSP) for information on when to register for the exams.
  • Admission based on curriculum vitae: see the Admissions Unit web pages for more information
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