Request for course equivalences

Request for course equivalences

First steps

Students who wish to submit an application for equivalence must already have completed a pre-enrolment application with UNIL's Admissions Office.

Maximum number of credits awarded for equivalence

Under art. 5 of the Bachelor’s regulations, a maximum of 60 ECTS credits can be awarded for equivalence, which equates to one academic year. Joining in the 3rd year is therefore impossible. In addition, joining in the 2nd year is only possible if all 1st year courses have been successfully completed.

Application format

The application must include the following items:

  • Equivalence application form (to be requested from UNIL's Admissions Office)
  • Copy of the registration certificate at UNIL
  • Copy of the official course description (e.g. from the catalog of the institution where the course was taken). With detailed course outline and any other relevant information: weekly schedule, bibliography, etc.
  • Copies of diplomas
  • Official copy of grade transcript
  • Copy of the French exam certificate for non-French speaking students

Documents (including official course descriptions) in another languages than French, German, Italian, Spanish or English must be provided with a certified translation.


The request must be submitted upon receipt of the registration certificate, at the latest before the end of the first week of the academic year following the initial registration. For this purpose, the complete file must be returned to Alice Fuchs. No course equivalences will be granted later on in the Bachelor program.


The French version of the text prevails.

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