Academic thesis MDE


  • ​Students may submit an application to write an academic thesis at any point during their studies, but preferably after the first year of their academic course.
  • Students may not take a viva until they have obtained 39 compulsory credits towards their Master’s.

Writing the report


  1. Students who intend to write a Master's thesis must find a HEC Lausanne professor who agrees to supervise. Together, they chose the subject of the thesis
  2. The student fills in the form "Demande d'agrément de mémoire académique" (Application to write a Master's thesis), has it signed by the professor and sends it to Isabelle Sutherland.
  3. The Master's thesis is supervised by a professor from HEC Lausanne. Regular contacts between the student and the professor are necessary: at least two meetings and regular contact by email or telephone.
  4. The thesis is submitted. Two bound paper copy must be submitted respectively to the professor and the expert.
  5. Oral defence of the thesis in the presence of the expert and the professor. The professor fixes the date of the viva in agreement with the student and the expert.
  6. The student informs Isabelle Sutherland by email of the date of the viva.
  7. The professor transmits the form "Formulaire de validation du mémoire académique" (Validation of the academic thesis) with the grade to the administration.
  8. The student submits one bound copy graded and signed by the professor to Isabelle Sutherland.

Important dates:

  • The thesis has to be submitted before week 3.
  • Presentation of viva flexible – if 39 compulsory credits from module 1 have been obtained. If 75 credits obtained, the student has 6 months to do the viva’s presentation.

Theses written by students

List of theses' titles
2018-MDE-Academic Theses  (151 Ko)
2017-MDE-Academic Theses  (268 Ko)
2016-MDE-Academic Theses  (414 Ko)
2015-MDE-Academic Theses  (406 Ko)
2014-MDE-Academic Theses  (267 Ko)
2013-MDE-Academic Theses  (390 Ko)
2012-MDE-Academic Theses  (239 Ko)
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