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Extraordinary measures for the Summer and Fall 2020 session exams

Instructions for the summer session Moodle exams

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Examination sessions

The Fall 2020 session (August 3 to September 5, 2020) will take place online. You will be informed of the date and time of your exams soon. Please note the date on which the Fall session will begin and further information on the course semesters here:

Course semesters:
SA2019: Fall semester of the academic year 2019-2020
SP2020: Spring semester of the academic year 2019-2020
Examination sessions:
2020 Summer session = June 8 to July 4, 2020
2020 Fall session = August 3 to September 5, 2020

Exam registration

Registration for the autumn session 2020 is open from 13 to 26 July 2020 (23:59) -

Failure to register for the Summer and Fall 2020 exams will not result in a failing grade. Students who did not register for the Summer session can still register for the Fall session, and those who do not register for either can still register the following year. In the latter case, students who did not make their first attempt will still have 2 more attempts or one if they have already used one.

Attempts at exams

Exceptionally, for the Summer and Fall 2020 sessions, a failing grade or withdrawal from one of these exam sessions will not be counted as an attempt. If this is your first attempt and you are unsuccessful, you will still have 2 attempts to pass an exam. If this is your second attempt, you will still have one more attempt.

If the same exam presented in both the Summer and Fall sessions is failed twice, only one of the two attempts will not be counted. 

In addition, once a student passes an exam with a grade of 4.0 or higher, he or she will not be allowed one more attempt to improve his/her grade. The grade is considered to be final.

Attempts in a series of courses

Students registered in a series may request by e-mail to the Administration that the grade of one or more exams below 4.0 in the Summer or Fall 2020 session be counted. Students must announce their intention to retain their grades no later than 10 working days after the publication of their results for the Summer and Fall 2020 exam sessions. If the student does not inform the Administration that he or she intends to retain a grade below 4.0, his/her result will not be counted by default. In either case, the student's choice is final and it will not be possible to go back after that time.

Furthermore, if a student succeeds at a series, he or she is not entitled to an additional attempt to improve his/her grade.

Series and failure        

The series average for second-year Bachelor's students and Master's students in Actuarial Science and in Master's students in Accounting, Control, and Finance continues to determine the success or failure of the series. Second-year Bachelor and Master’s students in Actuarial Science and in Master's students in Accounting, Control, and Finance are required to pass the series before proceeding to the next modules. 

Examination procedures

In view of the extraordinary situation, the examination modalities may still change for the Summer and Fall 2020 examination sessions. These changes may be reflected in replacing face-to-face examinations by online examinations or any other form of assessment that does not require face-to-face examinations. 

Extending the duration of studies       

A student who is in a situation where the maximum duration of study is exceeded due to withdrawal, or failure not counted as an attempt, from one or more examinations in the Summer or Fall 2020 sessions or one or more assessments of SP2020, may have his or her maximum duration of study extended by a maximum of 2 semesters.

Compulsory military service    

If a student has started to accumulate points for a course (e.g. individual or group work), he or she can keep them in case he or she repeats the course the following year. The student must reach an agreement with the professor who teaches the course.

All students called to serve in the Military or Civil Protection Services may apply for an extension of the duration of their studies, in addition to the two semesters granted to all students. See also the “leave section” below.

Leave (“demande de congé”)  

Only students who are mobilized for Military or Civil Protection services can apply for leave for the SP2020 until May 12, 2020.

Students who do not have to take courses during SA2020 because of a justified situation related to the Coronavirus circumstances may request a leave before September 30, 2020 to the Bachelor/Master administration. Exceptions may be considered by the Dean's Office.

Special credits for "solidarity projects"

Third-year Bachelor's and Master's students can submit projects to help the society during the pandemic and receive 3 credits as part of the elective courses. A reflective report on their commitment must be submitted to the Vice-Dean of Education and Student Affairs who grants the credits. The report is due on August 5, 2020.

Master's Internships

If an internship cannot be completed, the internship dissertation can be turned into anacademic dissertation at the student's request.


Please note that the information contained in this document is subject to the adoption by the UNIL Directorate of the following rules and regulations :  « Règlement spécifique sur l’organisation des études et les modalités d’évaluation au cours du second semestre de l’année académique 2019-2020 dans le cadre de la pandémie de COVID-19 ».

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