Will the credits and grades obtained while on exchange be recognised by HEC Lausanne?

Yes, provided that the courses you have chosen have been approved by HEC Lausanne on our application.

Once you have successfully passed your exams, your grades will be converted into the HEC Lausanne grading system and included in your HEC Lausanne Bachelor or Master transcript of grades.

Can I go on exchange during the Master if I have already been on exchange during the Bachelor?

A student who went on exchange during the 3rd year of the HEC Bachelor program can undertake another exchange during the 2nd year of the Master program.

Can I go on exchange durant my Bachelor studies if I have received equivalencies from previous studies?

Yes, while respecting the fact that a minimum of 120 ECTS credits must be obtained at the Bachelor level at HEC Lausanne.

Should I pay any registration fees at my host university?

Except for the Free-Mover, exchange students do not pay any registration fees to the host university.

The student remains enrolled at the UNIL and will pay a reduced tax of CHF 210.- per semester instead of CHF 580.- for the duration of the exchange period.

What happens in case of failure while on exchange?

In case of failure in one or several courses, several possibilities are available to you:

  • you are still in your the host university and a retake session is organized: you may participate in this session, like all local students
  • there is no retake session, the failed course(s) will then be removed from your HEC Lausanne grade transcript. If necessary, you will need to register to one more semester at HEC Lausanne in order to follow new courses to validate missing credits
What do I have to do after the exchange?

After the exchange:

  • Please verify that your grade transcript has been well received by the HEC Lausanne Student exchange Office. Only original documents will be taken into account.
  • Be careful in meeting the deadline so as to not delay obtaining your degree diploma by one semester.
  • Passed courses which had been previously validated are converted to the Swiss grading system.
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