Course selection

Application for an exchange

You have to build a provisional study project in your Learning agreement. It is mandatory for the selection, but it's not formally validated by HEC at the time of application.

How to do ?

  • Please consult the website of the partner university. If there is a list of courses open for exchange students, only these courses can be selected for your exchange
  • Verify that these courses match your exchange project and that they follow the official study programmes at HEC

Which courses to choose ?

  • They must follow the rules of your Bachelor or Master programme
  • They must be at the right level and should not have been taken earlier at HEC
  • They can't be equivalent to a course that you would follow later on (especially for Bachelor students undertaking an exchange semester during the Autumn)

How many courses to choose ?

After the selection

Your study project must be validated by HEC in order have the credits validated at your return. Your final study project may be different from the one submitted in your application.

Links to different Study projects (according to agreements)

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