Selection process


Applications are evaluated on the basis of academic criteria as well as extra-curricular activities (motivation, professional experience, personal interests, participation in associations, criteria used in the choice of destinations,…).
Some destinations require a language test.

  • Each application must follow the GPA required by the Faculty and sometimes by the partner institution as well
  • The selection is made on the basis of the student's application
  • The format and content of the application differs according to the different types of exchange agreements. More information
  • The deadline for application depends on the chosen universities and on the agreement
  • In case of a multiple application, once an application for a destination has been accepted, the student’s application for all other chosen destinations is removed

Selection criteria

Each complete application submitted on time will be included in the selection but it does not guarantee that an exchange place will be given.

If the selection takes place before the publication of results of the first semester, each selected application that doesn't fulfill this condition will be withdrawn. It won't therefore be possible to submit another application for a new destination.

Each application submitted after the deadline won't be included in the selection.

In case of vacant exchange places after selections, no new application will be taken into consideration.

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