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An international network

Over time, HEC Lausanne has developed a vast network of partnerships, both in academic terms and with businesses and institutions.

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Academic networks

Business relationships

Opportunities at UNIL

The fact that there are seven faculties on campus at the University of Lausanne offers limitless opportunities for cooperation. Its students, employees and researchers meet, talk, develop projects and live with people from options as contrasting as law, literature, medicine, geosciences, social sciences, sports sciences etc. These encounters are immensely valuable for everyone in academic, professional and indeed, personal terms.

HEC Lausanne has developed several study programs in cooperation with other faculties. Moreover, it provides support for the entire university community in the field of entrepreneurship. As a result, the faculty recently created an accelerator for business start-up projects. At the same time, a number of activities associated with entrepreneurship are offered by the faculty’s student associations to the whole community.

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