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The doctoral program in information systems aims at structuring the realization of doctoral studies conducted in the Department of Information Systems (DESI). By offering the students the opportunity to bring through their doctorate, the evidence of their ability to carry out original research in a given area, our program strives to develop in its doctoral candidates the aptitude for research as well as originality in the choice of the subject. Under the supervision of a doctoral committee of senior researchers, it encourages qualified students from Switzerland and from abroad to undertake research leading to the obtaining of a PhD.

Our PhD program offers a broad range of research areas without imposing heavy constraints. We propose a very accessible program that allows the student to reach a high level of education. Our doctoral program consequently attracts a large variety of students with many different backgrounds and eager to work on various subjects.

The program we offer is constituted of two phases over three to five years through which the students develop their skills in conducting high level researches. Indeed, the purpose of these two phases is to give our doctoral candidates the opportunity to enrich their knowledge in the research area of their choice.

The first phase, which lasts at most two years, consists mostly in choosing as well as defending the proposal of a thesis’ thematic and plan the research that will be conducted. During this phase the students receive the opportunity to deepen their knowledge through a personalized program of courses, seminars or projects and a critical reading exam.

The second phase is dedicated to the conduct of the research as planed in the first phase and the writing of the doctoral thesis. During this second phase the students will improve their skills through the publication of at least two articles and the participation to some of the activities organized around the doctoral program.

The deadline to be admitted in the doctoral school in information systems is on the 31st May and the 30th November of each year. Application guidelines are available on the website of the faculty.

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Two committees are involved in the doctoral thesis, namely the Doctoral commission and the thesis defense committee, also known as the thesis jury.

The Doctoral commission 
Prof. Jacques Duparc (head of the Commission)
Prof. Valérie Chavez
Prof. Solange Ghernaouti-Hélie
Prof. Christine Legner
Prof. Yves Pigneur

The thesis jury is responsible for evaluating the final thesis manuscript defended at the end of Phase 2. Its composition is prescribed by the rules & regulations of HEC.



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