Fonds National Suisse

Depuis le début de l'année 2019, 14 projets de 16 chercheur·euse·s de la faculté des HEC ont été séléctionnés par le Fonds National Suisse de la recherche scientifique (FNS) pour l’obtention d’un subside:

  • Conti A.
    Understanding the determinants of startup financial and innovative performance outcomes 
    CHF 382'936, 48 mois
  • Dong, M., Rockinger, M.
    Text Mining Banks' Pillar 3 Reports: Dictionary, Topic Analysis, and Prediction
    CHF 178'418, 36 mois
  • Efferson C., Vogt S.
    The Promise and the Peril of Applied Cultural Evolution
    CHF 1'238'967 CHF, 48 mois
  • Esposito E.
    Reconciliation Narratives, the Birth of a Nation after the US Civil War
    CHF 400'405, 36 mois
    Project partners: Saia A., Thoenig M.
  • Hamikov R.
    Behavioral considerations in market design: Dynamic matching mechanisms 
    CHF 622’446, 48 mois
  • Huguenin K., Cherubini M.
    Dissuasive Techniques against Online Privacy Violations by Individuals
    CHF 99'800, 12 mois
  • Krings F.
    Fighting discrimination at employment: Can applicants help reduce bias?
    CHF 618’150, 48 mois 
  • Maurer J.
    Healthy Ageing in the Face of Death: Preferences, Communication, Knowledge and Behaviors Regarding End of Life and End-of-life Planning Among Older Adults in Switzerland
    CHF 390'620, 36 mois
    Project partners: Borrat-Besson C., Jox R.,  and Borasio G.
  • Scheidegger S., Kübler F., Schenk O., Folini D.
    Can Economic Policy Mitigate Climate-Change?
    CHF 1'500'000, 48 mois
  • Schlager T.
    How Virtual Reality Affects Consumer Choice
    CHF 453'309, 48 mois
  • Schmid Mast M., Sandi, C. 
    Go Where No-One Has Gone: Virtual Reality for Interpersonal Skills Training
    CHF  1'594'190, 48 mois
  • Schmid Mast M.
    Behavioral Adaptability
    CHF 591'754, 48 mois
  • Tischbirek A.
    Evaluating Macro Policies with Micro Data - The Effects of Monetary Policy at the Household Level 
    CHF 89'629, 18 mois
  • Marti, J., Peytremann-Bridevaux, I., Wagner, J., Perraudin, C., Bugnon, O.
    How to improve care integration, coordination and continuity? Designing policy from population needs and preferences
    CHF 360'640, 24 mois
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