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Why do a PhD?

A doctorate is evidence of a person's ability to carry out original research in an given area.

The aptitude for research and the originality of the subject are two essential qualities which HEC Lausanne strives to develop in its doctoral candidates. In this respect, HEC Lausanne encourages qualified researchers, from Switzerland and elsewhere, to undertake research leading to a Ph.D.

The HEC Lausanne doctoral program offers candidates the possibility of acquiring a high level of knowledge through intensive research training. Doctoral studies aim at developing the ability to complete an independent scientific study within an agreed timetable, to make an original contribution to research, and to add to the body of knowledge in the chosen specialist area.

Undertaking a doctoral program implies a personal commitment for three to five years. It involves a long course of study dedicated to research, the results of which will be presented in a thesis.

Association for doctoral students

PhDnet is a network for PhD students and teaching assistants of HEC Lausanne at the University of Lausanne.

Learn more: www.hec.unil.ch/phdnet

Thesis supervisors

HEC Lausanne professors who may supervise a thesis and fields of specialisation.

Consult the list of professors

Past theses directory

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