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PhD in Economics

Welcome message from the Doctoral Committee for Economics (CPhD)

Welcome to the University of Lausanne. These pages aim to answer the questions of prospective students interested in pursuing a PhD in Economics with one of Switzerland’s most respected academic departments, the Faculty of Business and Economics or Faculté des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC). Throughout its history, the school has been regarded highly, and as a specialised faculty, we are dedicated to the development of our doctoral ventures, which we consider to play a major role in the safeguarding of our reputation.

The PhD in Economics is managed by the Department of Economics, and is a well-established and recognised programme, devoted to providing rigorous training in theoretical and applied economics to students with the scientific passion and a strong methodological background. The programme covers topics at the forefront of academic research, and embraces a multifaceted approach to the aspects of economics most essential to an empirical evaluation of today’s world. In accordance with the international model used by most PhD programmes, students are encouraged to ground their individual research in the intellectual foundations of the discipline. The department achieves this by concentrating on time-honored themes; from the microeconomics of consumer choice, market structure, public economics and game theory, to the macroeconomics of consumption, business cycles, inflation, and competing models of monetary policy. The program requires students to successfully complete the Swiss Program for Beginning Doctoral Students in Economics, offered by the Studienzentrum Gerzensee.

Candidates can expect to develop the analytical tools necessary to carry out economic research at the highest scientific level. They will also enter into the higher echelons of expertise in their chosen area of specialisation. These skills, being transferable yet unique, prepare students for research-based careers in academia, international organisations, or private firms. The majority of our PhD graduates take up high-ranking, analytically oriented positions in these sectors, with students who decide to pursue academic careers tending to receive placements at excellent schools around the world. With support of the Swiss National Foundation, many of our doctoral students spend time abroad in preparation for such a move.

The faculty represents academics from a wide array of specialisations. We currently have 16 full professors staff engaged in innovative research, and their combined experience makes them some of the best-placed to supervise a wide range of research projects.

The HEC attracts students from a myriad of cultural backgrounds, and whilst most of our students already hold degrees in economics, applicants from related academic backgrounds can apply also, provided they have some solid grounding in economics. Many nationalities are represented amongst the student body, with large numbers particularly coming from Switzerland, France, Sweden, Bolivia, Italy, Germany, Portugal, and Argentina. As an English-speaking, cosmopolitan school, the HEC is always looking to expand its research programme and cultural richness, thus we invite applications from all corners of the globe.

Important notice regarding application:

  • The deadline for application is January 31st of each year. Only those applications submitted electronically through the application webpage will be considered for admission. No comments on admissibility will be provided in the interim.
  • Only admitted PhD students will receive supervision from our faculty. We do not offer supervision guarantees to prospective applicants for scholarship purposes (e.g. for Swiss Confederation Bursaries applications). 
  • The majority of our PhD candidates receive funding and are able to finance their studies through appointments as teaching and research assistants. 

Please feel free to contact us for further information.



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Profs. Adrian Bruhin (Dir. 2017-18), Jürgen Maurer, and Jean-Paul Renne, 
The Doctoral Committee for Economics (CPhD)



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