Who to contact?

A person you trust

Talk to someone you trust.


Talking can be a relief, and helps you to see things more clearly and work out what to do.


Relevant external bodies

You can contact bodies outside UNIL, which undertake to keep any information they are given confidential and will only act at your request.


  • The Advice and Mediation Office

The Advice and Mediation Office was set up by the Rectorate but is independent of it; it advises members of the university community in all situations involving harassment or conflict. If necessary, it will guide them to other relevant bodies.



Advice and Mediation Office

Amphipôle building, office 200.11

Luc Wenger, mediator: +41 (0)79 240 42 46, contact.mediation@unil.ch

Raymonde Richter, mediator: +41 (0)79 643 24 16, rr@etuderichter.ch

Relevant internal bodies

The relevant internal bodies at UNIL for dealing with cases of sexual harassment are:


  • The UNIL Rectorate

The Rectorate is the relevant body for receiving complaints and/or taking the appropriate measures in response to any cases reported to it.




Unicentre, 1015 Lausanne



  • The Equal Opportunities Office

The Equal Opportunities Office is on hand to inform and advise anyone dealing with a situation of sexual harassment or who feels discriminated against by sexist behaviour, and can guide them towards the appropriate bodies.



Equal Opportunities Office

Vieux Pressoir, 1015 Lausanne

021 692 20 59




  • Other UNIL Rectorate departments 

UNIL Rectorate departments can refer people who feel they are victims of harassment to the Rectorate or other relevant bodies