What should you do if you find yourself in a conflict situation?

Students, like all members of the UNIL community, are encouraged to:

  • Adopt appropriate behaviours towards all members of the university community and all external contacts, and to respect everyone’s differences and personal boundaries in study or working relationships.
  • Contribute to creating a peaceful study and working environment.

Nonetheless, you should make contact with people who can advise you to discuss the situation at any time, as soon as you feel the need.

Who to contact?

The Advice and Mediation Office

The Advice and Mediation Office was set up by the Rectorate but is independent of it; it advises members of the university community in all situations involving conflict or harassment. You can contact the Advice and Mediation Office freely and in confidence if you find yourself in a conflict situation.



Advice and Mediation Office

Amphipôle building, office 200.11

Luc Wenger, mediator: +41 (0)79 240 42 46, contact.mediation@unil.ch

Raymonde Richter, mediator: +41 (0)79 643 24 16, rr@etuderichter.ch

What can the Advice and Mediation Office do?

Initial meeting and guidance from the Advice and Mediation Office

The mediator has an initial confidential conversation with the person who requests the meeting, analyses the situation they describe and works closely with them to discuss and examine the support available and their possible options. The mediator also informs them of their rights.

Mediation and other procedures

If the parties concerned agree, the mediator may offer or organise a mediation session.


Mediation is a process of creating and re-establishing social relationships and managing conflicts (either on a preventive basis or to settle a dispute), based on the partners acting autonomously, in which an impartial, independent third party without the power to make a decision (the mediator) helps to re-establish communications or resolve the conflict in the interests of all the partners involved, by organising confidential mediation sessions.