An infrastructure to combat mobbing, sexual harassment and discrimination at UNIL

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Outline of the future infrastructure

The Rectorate, the Steering Committee and the initiative’s Project Manager are currently working on an infrastructure for the UNIL community. The goals of this initiative will be to help prevent cases of mobbing, harassment and discrimination, provide an effective reporting system for anyone who experiences any of these situations, and ensure a coordinated response to improve the proposed measures.  


The initiative is based on a number of guiding principles: the need for clarity and visibility in the reporting process, transparency in decision-making, a professional, supportive approach to listening for those who make contact, and a rapid response.


Areas for development


Developing the processes, which we intend to be as consultative as possible, that will allow monitoring, supervision and management of both the project and the infrastructure once it is in place.


Clarifying the necessary training, awareness-raising, communications and regulations needed to drive profound culture change at UNIL, combatting sexism and all other forms of discrimination.


Building an effective infrastructure that allows members of the community to report any situation of harassment or discrimination, access appropriate advice and support, and benefit from measures to create a peaceful working or educational environment.


Developing a system to coordinate and evaluate efforts to combat harassment and discrimination, as well as to improve on the follow-up of reported cases.



  1. Start of spring semester 2022: establishment of a transitional welcome centre 
  2. Start of autumn semester 2022: launch of the new infrastructure to combat harassment and discrimination


The Steering Committee will meet monthly throughout 2022.




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The Project Manager, Christelle Rigual, is happy to provide any further information. You can contact her by email or phone on 021 692 23 49.