If you have a UNIL contract


The University of Lausanne aims to offer all its members of staff and the student body a working and study environment that respects individuals and allows everyone to thrive. UNIL expects every member of the community to act responsibly and adopt the appropriate behaviour in every situation.


This site provides anyone affected by a case of harassment or a conflict situation in their activities at UNIL the information they need to identify the problem, respond and, if necessary, seek help.

The UNIL Charter and values

Recognition of the individual is a fundamental UNIL value, which is enshrined in its Charter. The University aims to encourage personal development among all members of the community through the quality of its study and working environment. The whole of the university community has a duty to respect the UNIL Charter, represent its values and adopt appropriate and respectful behaviour.

Zero tolerance

Violations of personal rights, including psychological or sexual harassment, are not tolerated at the University of Lausanne under any circumstances, in either working or study relationships.


Zero tolerance applies not only on campus but more broadly, in the context of any activities related to teaching and research. It also applies to conversations conducted using electronic devices and to social media.

Rectorate Directive

A Rectorate Directive sets out the policy on preventing and managing conflict and violations of personal rights within the university community. The Directive defines the concepts of psychological harassment, sexual harassment and conflict situations. It sets out the relevant legal bases, competent bodies and procedures to follow in various circumstances, as well as the preventive measures developed by the university.


If you have a UNIL contract

People who have a contract with UNIL are subject to the legal framework that governs the relationship between the University and its members of staff.



Some of these legal bases relate specifically to combating violations of personal rights and discrimination – and harassment in particular – and/or conflict management:


An initiative to combat mobbing, sexual harassment and discrimination at UNIL

The UNIL Rectorate, in consultation with a multidisciplinary steering committee, is currently leading the development of a new infrastructure to combat mobbing, sexual harassment and discrimination at UNIL. The introduction of these new measures will be officially communicated during 2022.