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Raymonde Richter

Irène Schmidlin

+41 78 712 65 69


Université de Lausane
Bâtiment Amphipôle
Bureau 200.11
1015 Lausanne

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Who are the Persons of trust

The persons of trust are totally independent from UNIL, and made available to the entire university community to promote a serene and inclusive working and studying environment. You can share confidentially any problematic situation linked to your relations at work or during your studies with the external professional persons of trust of the UNIL. They are ready to listen, provide advice and guidance, and accompany you if needed. They keep all situations brought to their attention confidential, and would only act upon your solicitation and approval.

How can we help?

If you are experiencing relationship problems or are dealing with a conflict while working or studying at UNIL, the Persons of trust are available to listen, analyse the situation with you, and help you think through your various options. We will respond in one of the following ways:

  • Individual interviews: this is the first step to take in any situation. The interview will take place in complete confidentiality and give you a chance to be heard. No information will be sent to anyone else without your agreement. We will discuss with you the support options available. How might you resolve the problem in interactions with your line manager or colleagues? What are your options? The persons of trust will sit with you and review the options available.


  • Mobbing and sexual harassment: the person of trust is on hand to help anyone who wants to talk about a situation involving mobbing or harassment, as well as witnesses and members of the community who are aware of reports. We offer you advice and will outline the various measures available. We do not carry out investigations: instead, administrative investigations are commissioned by the Rectorate from specialist external service providers.


  • Information sessions on conflict and harassment. The mediation service is available to all UNIL units to offer information or awareness-raising sessions according to their individual needs.


  • Mediation: the persons of trust are trained at mediation and can act as mediator upon sollicitation. Mediation is a process of building and rebuilding relationships and managing conflict (through prevention or settlement), which assumes those involved are autonomous and in which an impartial third party – the mediator, who is independent and does not have the power to decide on the outcome – helps to re-establish communication or resolve the conflict through organising confidential meetings in the interests of all the parties concerned. Any employee who is involved in a conflict or encountering problems with communication can request mediation. It can also be suggested by a line manager who becomes aware of interpersonal difficulties in their team.

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An initiative to combat mobbing, sexual harassment and discrimination at UNIL

The UNIL Rectorate, in consultation with a multidisciplinary steering committee, is currently leading the development of a new infrastructure to combat mobbing, sexual harassment and discrimination at UNIL. The introduction of these new measures will be officially communicated during 2022.