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Giampietro Corradin graduated in chemistry at the University of Padua and received his PhD degree in chemistry from the University of California, Santa Barbara, after completion of a thesis on the structure and function of cytochrome c. After a post-doctoral position in biochemistry at Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, New Hampshire, he continued his training in molecular immunology at the National Jewish Hospital, Denver, Colorado. He joined the Institute of Biochemistry in 1979 where he was an Associate Professor. For the last 15 years the main focus of his laboratory has been the elucidation of the immunological mechanisms of protection in malaria using well-defined animal models. In addition, development of vaccine candidates has been actively pursued by introducing new and faster approaches for the identification, production and development of novel malaria vaccine candidates.

Research Interests


Malaria Vaccine Development

Our approach to malaria vaccine development involves the discovery of new antigens based on bioinformatics selection and their chemical synthesis to obtain long polypeptides containing B, T-helper, and T-cytotoxic epitopes (up to 150 residues). To this end, a 104 amino acid long polypeptide with a single polymorphic position derived from a P. falciparum blood stage protein has recently completed phase 1a and 1b clinical trials in Switzerland and Tanzania. Given the positive results obtained further clinical trials are being planned as a single or multiple component preparation.

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Giampietro Corradin

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