IDHEAP’s instructions on plagiarism

IDHEAP adheres very strongly to the values of academic integrity, especially with regard to plagiarism. The latest version of the University of Lausanne’s Management Directive 3.15 on how the institution deals with cases of plagiarism is available, in French, along with all the University’s Internal Directives.

Code of ethics

Students involved in any IDHEAP programme or training course which involves the submission of written work must sign the Ethical declaration on borrowing from, citing and exploiting source materials (in French), in accordance with Management Directive 0.3bis, and hand it in to the relevant course secretariat. The signed form will be kept in the student’s dossier.

Written work which is subject to this rule includes dissertations for the MPMP, MPA, all doctoral theses and any work leading to the award of a CEMPA or CAS.

A tool for detecting similar texts: Compilatio

Since 1 November 2015, any written coursework or examination work submitted to IDHEAP faculty members may be checked using Compilatio anti-plagiarism software. Full information about this software and its conditions of use are available on (in French).

The “EPIGEUM” on-line self-training module

Students in different IDHEAP programmes and training courses who wish to gain a better understanding of the issue of plagiarism and learn best practices regarding citations can use the EPIGEUM on-line self-training module available in French and English. EPIGEUM is available on the Moodle platform.

The module gives examples of bibliographical and referencing norms. Make sure to check with your lecturers so as to be sure which norms your written coursework and examination work should be prepared with.

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Ethical declaration

Tool Compilatio

EPIGEUM on-line self-training

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