Doctoral Seminar

All doctoral students are given a regular opportunity to present an update on the progress of their research in a seminar. These meetings allow the institute’s professors and other doctoral students to provide their input and feedback by making comments and proposing improvements.

Research seminars usually take place at lunchtime and are open to the public. They consist in a follow-up (lasting 45 minutes) or a preliminary thesis meeting (lasting 60 to 90 minutes). At the end of preliminary thesis meeting, the public are asked to leave the room so that the thesis jury can deliberate in private.

The research seminar programme is available below. Please note that the seminar will be presented and discussed in the language of the thesis’s title.

Date Title Type
31.03.21 | 12h (zoom) Fiabilité des comptes et santé financière des collectivités publiques : le cas des cantons et des communes suisses (1980-2018) by Naomi Luta Follow up
28.04.21 | 12h (room 004) The politics of public administration by Alexander Bastianen Follow up
26.08.2021 | 12h (Cubotron II) The dynamics of business interest groups in the aftermath of the global financial crisis by Laura Gatto Preliminary thesis meeting
01.09.21 | 10h (salle 4068 Anthropole) Educational and Occupational aspirations of refugees by Ihssane Otmani Preliminary thesis meeting
07.09.21 | 13h30 (room tbc) Support for redistribution in multi-ethnic societies: understanding deservingness hierarchies in the provision of social welfare by Mia Gandenberger Preliminary thesis meeting
13.10.21 | 12h (zoom) Fostering open government data value creation through a user-oriented perspective by Alizée Francey Follow up
18.10.21 | 15h (room 006 + zoom) Public-Sector data and the building of data-driven innovation: a policy and regulatory analysis par Clarissa Valli-Buttow Preliminary thesis meeting
25.10.21 | 14h10 (room 004) The Effects of New Ways of Working on Employees’ Health and Work Engagement: Do Job Demands, Job Resources, and Organizational Climate matter? by Karine Renard Follow up
27.10.21 | 14h (salle 005 + zoom) Les ressources financières et humaines des partis politiques suisses : état actuel et évolution depuis 1999 par Jeremy Vouilloz Preliminary thesis meeting
24.11.21 | 12h (room 004) Le rôle de la culture organisationnelle dans la relation entre les New Ways of Working et la performance individuelle au travail by Frédéric Cornu Follow up


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