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a Marca Valérie Secretary Events, FORDIF
Aïssatou Baldet Project manager Database, mailing and promotion
Félix Sandra Secretary aux études Study secretariat (Doctoral Studies, Teaching Committee and CEMAP)
Gaeng Charlotte Digital Communication Manager Digital communication, social media and promotion
Janssens Sabine Secretary aux études Study secretariat (Master PMP)
Momoh-Pochon Nicole Receptionist Reception, information, room booking and secretariat
Pralong Isabelle HR and finances secretary HR and finances
Steiner Dhouha Executive Manager Secretariat Coordination, Communication and Marketing
Yavavli Fatma Secretary aux études Study secretariat (MPA, DAS and CAS)

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Kirklies Pascale-Catherine

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Research areas

Co-Production in public organizations
Cumulative dissertation on "Improving public services through citizen co-production"
Public organizations increasingly co-produce public services with their users. The co-production of public services is generally understood as the involvement of citizens and other actors external to the public administration in the design, production, and provision of public services [1]. Co-production is often seen as a driver for: innovation creation to increase public value in the public sector [2], increased legitimacy, more efficiency and effectiveness of government, and more accountability [3].
We elaborate how different dimensions of co-production (Co-commissioning, Co-design, Co-delivery, and Co-assessment/evaluation) [4] can improve public services and what challenges co-production poses to public organizations. For this purpose, we will study co-production through different projects and angles, such as digital inequalities in citizen-sourcing platforms or the interplay between agile organizational practices and co-production.
Project Team: Prof. Dr. Oliver Neumann and Pascale-Catherine Kirklies
[1] Voorberg, W. H., Bekkers, V. J. J. M., & Tummers, L. G. (2015). A Systematic Review of Co-Creation and Co-Production: Embarking on the social innovation journey. Public Management Review, 17(9), 1333-1357.
[2] Bovaird, T., & Loeffler, E. (2012). From Engagement to Co-production: The Contribution of Users and Communities to Outcomes and Public Value. VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, 23(4), 1119-1138.
[3] Verschuere, B., Brandsen, T., & Pestoff, V. (2012). Co-production: The State of the Art in Research and the Future Agenda. VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, 23(4), 1083-1101.
[4] Loeffler, E. (2021). Co-Production of Public Services and Outcomes. Palgrave Macmillan.



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