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Solidarity in times of crisis: perceptions of deservingness during the pandemic in Switzerland
Welfare deservingness perceptions in multiethnic societies

Together with Prof. Bonoli and Prof. Maiani, Dr. Carlo Knotz and Mia Gandenberger

Welfare states are the main tool market economies use to redistribute wealth and reduce inequality. Migration and mobility have placed European welfare states before new challenges. This is visible in patterns of public opinion and in the evolution of social legislation.
This nccr-on the move project analyses politically Acceptable Redistributive Arrangements for Multi-Ethnic Societies. in particular, it is important to understand whether the willingness to enter redistributive arrangements is affected by ethnic images of the beneficiaries. What kind of redistributive arrangements are more politically acceptable in multi-ethnic societies, and to what extent legal provisions on free movement have changed views on entitlements? We want to study the link between the willingness to redistribute resources and the multi-ethnic character of a society by refining our understanding of redistribution and otherness.

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