8. French residents (living in France and working in Switzerland)

8.1. Bank account

There are generally two options for a bank account. The first (more straightforward) option is to open a bank account in Switzerland. Alternatively, it is possible to open a bank account in France which also includes a CHF account. In this scenario, you would have both a Euro and CHF bank card which can be used in both countries. This way, you do not pay conversion fees between a Swiss bank and a bank in France. However, the exchange rate is not fixed. This option is only available in some banks e.g. Crédit Mutuel (https://www.creditmutuel.fr/fr/frontaliers/suisse/comptes-virements.html).

Important: When your CHF account is opened, remember to send your bank account details (a RIB / IBAN) to the IDYST secretariat (Sabrina Damiani) so that your salary can be paid.


8.2. Border Work Permit

Following the information given at the time of the contract, the HR department will communicate your contact details to the public service to obtain a cross-border work permit. You will receive it a few weeks to months after the start of the contract. This will usually be through a letter asking you to come pick it up. At this time, you will need to bring a passport photo and CHF 60 (in cash or credit card). Note that not all credit cards are accepted, only MAESTRO or POSTCARD. Upon receipt of your cross-border work permit, make sure to make a copy and send it to the IDYST secretariat (Sabrina Damiani).


8.3. Taxes

As a cross-border worker, even though you work in the canton of Vaud, your income taxes are payable in France. To arrange this, you must go to your tax office and have a tax household certificate signed. This certificate should then be given to Sabrina Damiani for processing so that you are only taxable in France and not in both countries. Note that this is to be renewed every year. Link to the necessary form:

Tax Form


8.4. Transportation

The transportation options re generally either by boat or car. If you live in Thonons or Evian, the CGN boats are a very good option - CGN-Mobilité. For those travelling by car, a parking pass can be purchased from UNIL. There are car parks located all over the UNIL campuses. More information here: UNIL Parkings.


8.5. Choice of insurance (LAMal or French CMU-frontier system)

To sign up for the French CMU-frontier system, an application must be filled and submitted to CPAM with the necessary attachments within 3 months of signing a UNIL contract. More information is available here:

Travailleur frontalier suisse.

If the registration is not completed within 3 months, you are automatically mandated to take out Swiss health insurance – LAMal. With LAMal insurance, it is no longer possible to benefit from French mutual insurance.


8.6. Mobile phone package

The price of calls in Switzerland with French mobile phone packages can be relatively expensive. Thus, it may be beneficial to seek out more pocket-friendly options. A good option could be Crédit Mutuel. They offer some reasonably priced packages that allow unlimited mobile phone services in both France and Switzerland. More details here – Mobile Packages - Crédit mutuel.