Living organisms affect the chemical and physical compositions of the atmosphere, oceans, and solid earth. Similarly, the planet physico-chemical system has a fundamental impact on the organisms, either individually or on the entire ecosystem. The changes that come into play in each of these systems are manifested physically, chemically, and biologically over largescales in terms of both time and space. The studies concerning the way in which these systems interact and interdevelop over time constitute the biogeosciences, the interface between biology and geology, between the living and the mineral (organic and inorganic). Our research group focuses on this interface in the continental zone, in particular through the study of soils and surficial formations (also called the critical zone). 


Team head: Prof. Eric Verrecchia

Lecturers:  Stéphanie Grand, Pascal Vittoz
PhD Students: Nathalie Diaz, Fabienne Dietrich, Magali Matteodo, Finaritra Randevoson, Mike Rowley, Andrea Lohberger (en co-direction avec UNINE)


Research Projects


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