Urban studies

In order to approach the complexity of the forms, structures and transformations of the contemporary cities, methodological pluralism and judicious integration of visual angles and approaches are essential.

The line adopted by the group “Urban studies” of the IGD rests on three transverse axes of reading: it is initially a question of defining a capable notional field to apprehend the interferences between the facts and the scales, the materiality and the geographical imaginaries, the existential thickness and temporalities of globalized urban spaces; it is then a question of informing their permanent reconfigurations in relation to the actors' representations, their strategies, their power struggles, their uses and their practices (economic, sociocultural, environmental) territorialized of work; it is a question, finally, to identify the regulation modes being able to make the city more sustainable and liveable.

The researches undertaken by the group “Urban studies” cover 6 main fields: