Political ecologies seminar series

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About the Political Ecologies Seminar Series

The Political Ecologies (in the plural) Seminar Series invites inquiries that are multiple, overlapping, converging, and contradictory, drawing upon approaches and practices ranging from multi-species to historical, anthropological, and ecological to agricultural. This seminar series sits in this generative space between and across fields - and asks what political ecology is and can be (as a community of practice) of people using political ecology approaches. Each semester, the seminar series invites scholars, practitioners, and activists from many traditions to share their research - in theory and practice.

Contact : Chanelle Adams (chanelle.adams@unil.ch)

2022-2023: « Thinking with Plants and Animals »
Spices, cattle, trees, parrots, and tigers… what does it mean for Political ecology and related fields to think with plants and animals? The speakers in this series speak to a variety of themes that place more-than-human actors at the center of their inquiries of conservation, supply chains, food, and medicine. Join us for presentations and discussion with scholars from a range of approaches as we continue to explore the many stakes and priorities of Political ecologies.

Detailed information will be published soon in our agenda

  • 2022-10-11 // Spices: Livelihood uncertainties and trade entanglements from the Sino-Vietnamese uplands - Sarah Turner
  • Date to be determined // Cattle: The Dilemma of Development in the Amazon - Susanna Hecht
  • Date to be determined // Plants: Botanical gardens, public parks and urban green spaces in South Africa and Mexico - Melanie Boehi & Luciano Concheiro San Vicente
  • 2022-06-12 // Rosewood: Endangered species conservation and the rise of global China - Annah Zhu 

Registration link (for all sessions, including in person): https://bit.ly/PESeminar22  (Google Forms)


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