Abstracts Tel Aviv 2010



  • Bożena DEGORSKA Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland

Transformation of rural areas into urban areas within the Warsaw metropolitan area in the early 21st century


  • Céline BARRERE Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture et de Paysage de Lille, France

Green guerillas, illegal gardens, and city activist gardeners : between land reclaim, promoting local scale and cultures of resistance


  • Gregory BUSQUET University of Nanterre, France

Spatial Determinism and Territorial Public Action in France : Challenges and Evolutions


  • Rubén Lois CAMILLO GONZALEZ, José Carlos MACIA ARCE, Francisco José ARMAS QUINTA Universidade Santiago de Compostela, Spain

ICT Inequalities in the Spanish Urban System


  • Amiram GONEN Department of Geography, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

How Tel Aviv rose to become the leading urban center in Israel


  • Wim OSTENDORF AISSR (Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research), University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Repairing disadvantaged neighbourhoods in the Netherlands, assumptions and research findings


  • Jerzy J. PARYSEK Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań, Institute of Socio – Economic Geography and Spatial Management, Poland

Urban policy in the context of contemporary processes of urbanization and development issues of polish cities


  • Petros PETSIMERIS Université Paris 1, UMR 8504 CNRS, France

The other Barcelona: Social segregation and urban mobility in a new era


  • Petros PETSIMERIS University of Paris 1, France Susan BALL DEPA, University of Paris 8, France

Strategic Planning in London since 1999: development outcomes viewed in terms of policy direction and policy change.


  • Mª José PINEIRA MANTINAN University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain  Belen Mª CASTRO FERNANDEZ CESUGA-UCD, Spain

The impact of Jacobean holy years in the Urban renewal in Santiago de Compostela: 1954-2010


  • Celine ROZENBLAT Department of Geography, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Evolution of multinational firms’ networks into the World cities’ system: 2007-2010


  • Daisuke SHIOZAKI, Tadashi KAWAMURA, Yuichi HASHIMOTO Hokkaido University, Japan

Urban developments of heavy snow and cold area in Sapporo city, Northern part of Japan: 1970-2008


  • Izhak SCHNELL Geography and human environment Dept. Tel Aviv University, Israel

The structure of social space in Tel Aviv


  • Eliahu STERN, Orly RECHTMAN Department of Geography and Environmental Development, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel

Visual discrimination of urban historic landscapes

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