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IGU Urban Geography Commission

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Opening position: Graduate Assistant in Geography of Mobilities - University of Lausanne
The Institute of Geography and Sustainability (IGD) seeks to fill the position of Graduate Assistant in Geography of Mobilities The position is part of the research team in geography of mobilities led by Professor Patrick Rérat. The Institute of Geography and Sustainability (IGD) is an interdisciplinary community of about 100 academics that work on space, place and the environment. With 15 professors and close to 40 PhD students, the department offers a vibrant, stimulating environment for cutting-edge research. It hosts regular lecture series and distinguished guest researchers from around the world. The post is located in the research group Urban Studies which is one the institute’s six groups.
CALL FOR PAPERS: Network Approaches to Polycentric Urban Development, 14-15 December...
This workshop aims to explore the intersections between two related bodies of literature: polycentric urban regions (PURs) and network approaches to the analysis of regional urban systems. A key rationale for the RSA Research Network is that PURs has become a key concept in regional studies, both as an analytical framework to capture empirical realities as well as part of normative visions in regional development policies. In its most basic guise, the PUR notion applies to regions characterised by the presence of multiple, more-or-less proximate urban centres without pronounced hierarchical differentiation among these centres (e.g., Kloosterman and Musterd, 2001; Parr, 2004; Meijers 2005; van Meeteren et al., 2016). PURs have now been identified well beyond the intuitive and well-worn examples of the Dutch Randstad and the Rhein-Ruhr Area, and the concept has become widespread for framing regional studies research (e.g., Hoyler et al., 2008; Veneri and Burgalassi, 2012; Vasanen, 2013; Hanssens et al., 2014; Meijers et al, 2018). For example, PURs are recognised as being an important empirical reality throughout Europe, North America, and more recently in China. Meanwhile, network metaphors are increasingly employed to study regional urban systems or city-regional development, often found in or captured through the lens of PURs. To paraphrase Berry’s (1964) seminal contribution, “cities” can increasingly be seen as “networks within networks of cities”.
2018 IGU Commissions Excellence Award
The Urban Geography Commission: Urban Challenges in a Complex World won the 2018 IGU Commissions Excellence Award.
C16-37 Urban Geography Commission 2016-2020: Urban...
The Urban Commission of IGU C16-37 is designed to encourage geographical research on the new Urban Challenges emerging in an increasingly Complex World, and to further the exchange of findings among urban geographers from many countries.
Cities, with their distinctive processes and problems, are major features of the modern world.
Hence the commission will use a comparative global context to focus on their properties, the social, economic and environmental issues they pose, and to evaluate the utility of political and societal solutions to their problems.
Eleven specific urban challenges:
1- Complex Urban Systems and processes of cities’ transformation
2- Technological innovations, creative activities in cities
3- Innovative, smart building and transportation in cities
4- Polycentrism, small and medium size cities
5- Sustainable to resilient cities
6- Shrinking and aging Cities
7- Urban Governance, planning and participative democracy
8- Contested Social Spaces
9- Subjective/Objective well-being in cities
10- Urban Heritage and Conservation
11- New concepts and methods in urban studies
Commission Meeting
AAG 2019 - Washington,DC
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