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IGU Urban Geography Commission

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A new Urban Commission for 2020-2024
The new proposal of the Urban commission 2020-2024 has been accepted by the IGU. The new title is: "(Re-)Thinking cities and the urban: from the global to the local" President: Dr. Maria Jose Piñeira-Mantiñán, Spain Vice-Presidents: Prof. Javier Delgado Campos, Mexico; Prof. Markus Hesse, Luxembourg
C20.42 Urban Geography Commission
(Re-)Thinking cities and the urban: from the global to the local
The Urban Commission of IGU focuses on analysing the complex challenges and problems that urban regions are facing in the early 21st Century.
The economic, social and health crises of recent years indicate the need to develop new ways of seeing, understanding and governing cities.
the IGU Urban Commission is the framework that invites the international community of urbanists, from geography and related disciplines, to reflect upon the challenges of cities and future urbanisation and to share their reflections.
5 main topics are highligted
1- Cities as drivers of, and driven by, transformational change
2- Cities, urban systems and nation states
3- Urban areas under pressure of transformation
4- Climate change, resilience, urban health and well-being
5- Governance, institutions, urban policy
Online commission meeting Beirut - 2021
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