IGU Urban Commission, Canterbury, 2011


Dr. Jayasree Borah

Geography Department, Cotton College, Guwahati , India


The rural-urban migration pattern in Guwahati's environment


Guwahati is the largest urban centre in Assam accounting for almost 24 percent of the urban population of the state. It is also the most important nodal centre of the entire Northeast India and one of the fastest growing urban centres of the country. With increasing population and growth and development of industries, trade and commerce and transportation network, the importance of the city is increasing sharply as a result of which immigration to the city from the backward neighboring areas is also increasing at an alarming rate. This unplanned and unchecked flow of rural immigrants has created immense problems in both the source region as well as in the receiving area. In the present work an attempt has been made to delimit the zone of migration and study the immigration pattern in Guwahati’s environment. The study will also focus on the problems of both the areas and will suggest for a planned process of urbanization in the region.


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