IGU Urban Commission, Canterbury, 2011


H. S. Geyer

D. du Plessis

A. van Eeden

H. S. Geyer jr.

CRUISE, Centre for regional and urban innovation and Statistical Exploration


Recent morphological trends in metropolitan South Africa


The degree to which the centrifugal and centripetal effects of market forces on the prices and availa-bility of land for urban development are limited or allowed to flourish in urban policy, remains an im-portant factor in determining the evolvement of urban form. Based on the outcome of these forces on urban form, two opposing schools of thought have developed over time: those that believe market forces should be allowed to play an important role in determining the shape and tempo of urban de-velopment and those in favour of the densification of cities through strong intervention. Both these approaches hold different but equally important advantages. Proponents of market driven urban de-velopment generally find their inspiration in neoliberal thinking.


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