Prof. Dr. Mohamed A. Ali

Senior Scientific Advisor for Taibah University Research &
Consulting Institute TURCI (Almadina Almunawarah, Saudi Arabia)


A Knowledge-Smart City in the Middle of the Desert: Almadina Almunawarah as an Example


Almadina Almunawara ,Saudi Arabia is the holy traditional ancient city for more than 2000 years of vibrant history. Prophet Mohammed(PBUH) migrated to Almadina 1400 years ago from Mecca in obedience of Almighty God clear order, revealed to him to go to this unique spot of Almadina to start lunching and spreading his holy mission of new religion of Islam. Within few years the Prophet succeeded to transform Almadina to become one of the most prominent Capital City State in the world, which provided -for long time- super example and model capital for political. economic, social, planning and religion world wide.

Since then, Almadinah became known as: "knowledge City"-the other face of what is called recently: "Smart and Intelligent City"- where substantial literature, information, and data in many fields and disciplines been accumulated, and several schools of thinking were developed, new international relationships been established, mutual agreements been signed, and translation activities between languages and cultures were taking place between and among many parts of the world. This paper argue that the modern concept of smart( intelligent-knowledge) city is not really a new one, but rather is deeply rooted in the history of mankind, and even in the middle of the dessert. To further sharpen the paper argument-and on theoretical side-the paper attempt to clarify the definition of smart city. In order to remove and reduce the fuzziness of the label: "smart city", attempt is made to classify smart cities into three categories throughout designing qualitative and quantitative measurable index.

Additionally, the major optimum characteristics of smart city been outlined and been considered as bench mark criteria to be gauged against the urban challenges that Almadina facing at present. This may prove to be quite helpful for Almadina in order to restore its urban vitality and boost its universal cultural role.

Key Words: Almadina, , Prophet Mohamed, Smart City, Knowledge City


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