Prof. Céline Rozenblat

Institute of Geography

University of Lausanne, Switzerland


Cities in Multi-scale and Multi-dimensional Processes of Globalization


This study of multinational firms networks aim to explore the “duality” between world urban integration and firms’ networks extensions, focusing on the imbrication of multi-scale advantages and on differences between economic sectors. An empirical study is developed on the network of the 1 million ownership links between direct and indirect 800’000 subsidiaries of the 3’000 first multinational firms of the world. All units have been located at the scale of cities (delineated in a comparative way).

The multi-scale approach and the multi-dimensional one (by activity sector) show the remaining coherence of national and continental territories that interplay with cities in order to support and create these global links. A very new approach showing the intra-urban links has revealed the importance of local linkages in the production of global networks. The main activities in the core of the whole networks are finance and information and communication, while the more growing sector seems to be the ones whose hierarchize more the cities: research and information-communication. In this respect, German cities and capital cities, which are specialized in these sectors, seem to have future advantage.



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