Excursion of Urban geography - Kyoto August 9th 2013

Experiencing an urban network in Keihanshin Metropolitan Area



Keihanshin Metropolitan Area is a polycentric urban region. Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe play the role of main centers in this region. Although these cities compete in order to strengthen their own centrality, they have mutually complementary relationships.
Osaka is the primate economic center, Kyoto is well known for its respectable cultural and educational center, and Kobe has important international sea port.

The purpose of our one day trip is to deepen our understanding for Japanese mature urbanization through experiencing polycentric metropolitan area.

Visiting Places will be as follow:

Senri New Town (the oldest and one of representative new towns of Japan), Osaka CBD (world class business districts), Port of Kobe (artificial island and the Disaster Reduction Museum).

Registration fee:

The registration fee for the excursion is $45 (3,500 Japanese yens). It includes all charges such as transportation and lunch fees.

The fees will be payed cash at the departure place of the excursion.

Registration before 3rd June 2013:



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