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12-15-08: Call for Papers - Special issue of the European Journal of GIS and Spatial Analysis: Agent Based Spatial Simulation

Deadline for submitting full paper: 31-03-2009


Most of the scientific objects studied by geographers, ecologists, urban planners, economists, archaeologists - to name but a few - can be described as complex spatial systems. Such systems are composed of a large number of localised entities, interacting one with another through various networks of interaction, across different scales. From a single village to the global village, from a single urban street to a city on the move and to networks of cities, the range of scales involved is indeed very wide. Therefore, not surprisingly, the study of complexity and its corresponding modelling and simulation tools constitute a main challenge for these disciplines. At the forefront of this new scientific battle are approaches enabling the reproduction, by simulation, of the emergence of processes and structures in geographical space. Agent based simulations occupy a central place in the field, due to the variety and flexibility of investigations they allow. Virtual labs can be created, within which virtual experiments can be led. Once their characteristics and behaviours are defined, agents are used to populate dynamic environments, in order to explore the possible conditions leading to the emergence of geographic structures and processes.


For this special issue of the European Journal of GIS and Spatial Analysis, contributions dealing with (but not limited to) the following fields are encouraged:

- Formalising spatial structures and processes in agent based models

- Coupling environmental and social processes

- Managing natural resources

- Identifying, characterising and comparing emerging spatial patterns

- Parameterizing and calibrating spatial agent based models with heterogeneous and multi-source data

- Dynamic coupling with GIS

- Verifying and validating spatial agent based models



- Arnaud Banos, Image et Ville, UMR 7011 CNRS/ULP & Complex Systems Institute of Paris Ile-de-France,

- Lael Parrott, Complex Systems Laboratory, Université de Montréal,



- Deadline for submitting full paper: 31 March 2009      

- Response to authors: 31 May 2009

- Publication of special issue: September 2009   





o Papers to be sent to Arnaud Banos and Lael Parrott (contact details below)

o Please follow publication guidelines available at

o Typical length of articles will be 20-30 pages (following style sheet guidelines mentioned above)

o Articles can be written in English or in French

o Articles can be sent as PDF or Word files.

o Final versions will be required as word files.



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Complex Systems Institute of Paris Ile-de-France (

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Lael Parrott

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Arnaud Banos

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