October 2013

Dear members,

In this newsletter you will find information on the following:
1- Colloquium in Johannesburg/Stellenbosch 2013
2- Our Commission at the IGC Kyoto 2013
3- Young Scholars Prize 2013
4- 2014 Meetings: Poznan, and our presence in the regional IGU Conference in Krakow
5- Future meetings 2015-2016
6- Young Scholar’s publication 2013
7- Book projects



1- Colloquium/Annual Commission Meeting in Johannesburg/Stellenbosch, July 2013

The colloquium was a great success. In total there were 70 delegates representing 13 nationalities. There were 10 papers sessions, 2 business meetings, and 3 very interesting field trips/scientific excursions in Soweto, in Cape Town and around the wine farms of Stellenbosch.

Many South African presentations dealt with contested spaces, spatial justice and social segregation, as well as insecurity. Other topics explored included the urban environment, pluri-residentiality, new technological developments, and urban governance.

The Commission’s presence in South Africa provided the ideal opportunity for three varied presentations paying homage to the recently deceased Ron Davies:
- From the Urban Commission, passages from the very emotional letter written by Wayne Davies were read, and Celine Rozenblat highlighted some of his main contributions to urban geography generally and more specifically to the life of our Commission.
- From the South African Geographical Community two presentations by leading South African urbanists Prof Sue Parnell (in Johannesburg) and Prof Owen Crankshaw (in Stellenbosch) were made in Ron Davies’ honour.

Thanks again to the organizers: Prof. Nico Kotze (Department of Geography, Environmental Management and Energy Studies (University of Johannesburg) and Prof. Ronnie Donaldson Department of Geography and Environmental Studies (University of Stellenbosch) for their wonderful organization and their constant willingness to help everybody during this memorable meeting.

A publication including many of the contributions, is promised by Nico Kotze from the University of Johannesburg.

2- The Urban Commission at the IGC Kyoto - August 2013

In total, the Urban Commission organized 20 sessions with 70 papers presented. The number of papers, presentations and the wide range of material covered across all the sessions all indicate a very successful IGC for the Urban Commission. There were some very well attended sessions with large audiences and packed lecture halls. The Urban Commission organized more sessions than any other Commission present and augurs well for the future of our Commission. Special thanks to our Japanese hosts and Commission members who laid on some very interesting field trips, especially the day trip to Osaka and Kobe.

It was decided that a number of the papers presented on the special topic of “Shrinking cities”, which is of particular concern for Japanese urban geographers, but also other parts of the developed world, will be edited in a book by Maseteru Hino and Yun Tsutsumi. The suggested title at this stage is "Urban Geography of Post-growth Society". The proposal for the book is supported by the Association of Japanese Geographers and it is hoped they will assist with funding its publication.

3- Young Scholar’s Prize 2013

Organized by Niamh Moore (Dublin) and Maria-Jose Pineira-Mantinan (Santiago de Compostela)
This year, we received only 4 applications for the prize and after scrutinizing the applications the jury decided not offer the prize.

The money will be carried forward and used for next year’s meeting (perhaps to invite a Keynote speaker or to increase the Young Scholar’s prize).
The details for the 2014 Prize will be announced once decided.

4- Commission Meetings in 2014:

- Annual Meeting in Poznan: August 11th to 14th 2014
Organized by Institute of Socio-Economic Geography and Spatial Management
Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań (Poland)

Secretary: igu2014@amu.edu.pl

The First Circular and Call for papers will be available soon highlighting themes, registration information, costs, excursion information, etc…

- The regional IGU Conference in Krakow: August 18h to 22th 2014
Important dates:
15 October 2013  Deadline for the submission of the IGU Commission / Task Force sessions proposals
1 November 2013 - Early registration starts
30 November 2013 - Deadline for the submission of the Thematic sessions proposals
15 January 2014 - Deadline for submitting abstracts for papers and posters
25 February 2014 - Notification of results of abstract reviews
10 March 2014 - Publication of the provisional conference programme
2 April 2014 - Deadline for early registration fee payment
15 May 2014 - Deadline for regular registration fee payment
18-22 August 2014 - IGU Regional Conference in Kraków

o Urban Commission participation:
Beside our proper sessions, we are organizing joint-sessions with other commissions. All the information will be available on our website on a page dedicated to the Krakow meeting 2014:

o General website of the Regional Conference for registration

5- Future meetings 2015-2016
Regional IGU Conference will be held each year until 2016 (and revert to alternate years thereafter):

- 2014: Krakow Regional IGU
- 2014: Meeting of the Urban Commission: Poznan
- 2015: Moscow Regional IGU
- 2015: Proposals have been put forward for two venues for 2015: Beirut and Dublin.
The two proposals were presented at the Stellenbosch meeting. Both proposals were discussed and it was decided that it was important for the Commission to go to “hot-spots” and challenging places such as Beirut and to expand our influence in the Arab World. However, given the current political climate and concerns from some members, we decided to postpone taking a definitive decision until next year in Poznan. The venue not selected for 2015 will become the venue of choice for 2017.
- 2016: Beijing IGU Congress
During the Kyoto meeting, Prof. Gu Chaolin introduced us to two active Chinese members of the new Chinese Urban commission who will assist the Commission arrange the meeting in Beijing in 2016 (our correspondent will be Shenjing He, secretary of the Chinese Urban commission).

6- Young Scholar’s publication 2013
University of Santiago de Compostela, with Maria Jose Pineira-Mantinan in collaboration with Niamh Moore published the 3rd edition of the “Young Scholar Series” of the Urban commission. Please contact her to order a copy: mariajose.pineira@gmail.com

To download the volume in PDF format: http://www.unil.ch/igu-urban/page62286.html

7- Book projects
In Progress:
- An edited and refereed volume of papers from the Canterbury meeting 2011 (Dan O’Donoghue): Urban transformations: cities, peripheries and systems. The book will be published by Ashgate Publishers UK. Probable publication date of late 2013/early 2014.
- Special issue from the Dortmund meeting 2012 (Ludger Basten)
- Special issue from the Johannesburg/Stellenbosch meeting 2012 (Nico Kotze)
- International Perspectives of Urbanization and settlement systems: 30 years after (C. Rozenblat). We have obtained the agreement of MIT Press to act as publisher and we also have received support from UN-Habitat.

For future projects, we propose an increased focus on special issues so books may be based on the annual meetings according to the specificity of the hosted city. Publications should be in accordance with special topics announced in the call for papers of future meetings:
- for Poznan 2014: Restructuring Post-Communist Cities: Processes and Problems
- Joint session in Krakow meeting with C12-30 Mediterranean Basin: Mediterranean Cities Today : Maria Jose Pineira-Mantinan
- For Beirut 2015: Challenges Beyond conflict urban places, Liliane Barakat


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