September 2010

September 2010


IGU Commission on Urban Geography

Emerging Urban Transformations


During the commissions 36th meeting in Tel Aviv one business meeting was hold July 13. 2010 with 12 participants.




Tel Aviv meeting:


During the regional meeting of Tel Aviv, the Urban commission presented 42 papers in 11 sessions. It was the largest commission in term of presented papers.


For the commission meeting in Tel Aviv, Izhak Schnell took the responsibility to edit, from a selection of papers, a special issue of urban Studies journal with the help of Celine Rozenblat and Adrian Aguilar.


Next Meetings:


2011 (1)

The commission accepted the proposition from Dan Donoghue to take responsibility for the next (37. meeting) in Canterbury August 14-20 2011 ( The draft plan for the meeting was approved (attached). We ask Dan to initiate a newsletter and to draft the scientific agenda in close interaction with the presidency (Christian, Celine, Adrian).


2011 (2)

The commission also accepted the invitation to join the IGU Regional conference in Santiago, Chile November 14-18 2011 ( We expect urban geography sessions, and will provide chairmen if requested. We also ask for a pre- or post fieldtrip. Liaison officer is Adrian G. Aguilar (Mexico). Good ideas for Adrian will be welcomed (


2012 is the time for the next large IGU congress. The 32nd International Geographical Congress in Cologne focuses scientific attention on the core themes of humanity ( and with four sub-themes:

        • Global Change and Globalisation

        • Society and Environment

        • Risks and Conflicts

        • Urbanisation and Demographic Change

Date: 26 – 30 August 2012.

The commission decided to ask professors Ludger Basten and Lienhard Lötscher to be local organisers of a meeting, which combines independent activities before the main congress and which also allows us to join urban geography sessions at the congress itself. This should be planned as an integrated event. Proposal structure:




Urban commission meeting 22-30 August 2012


Combination of preconference (tour/session) with participation in the main conference (session/main events) 32nd IGU congress

Cologne August 21: arrival to ??

August 22: sessions, 1st Business meeting, dinner together

August 23: excursion

August 24: sessions

August 25: excursion

August 26: excursion arrival to Cologne

August 27 to August 30: IGU 32nd Congress

Urban Geography sessions should be planned during the first two days of the congress – but must be continued according to demand + 2nd business meeting



Due to IGU bylaws Christian Matthiessen can not be member of the steering commission after 2012, so a new president must be elected. Election will be held (or planned for) at the Canterbury meeting 2011. Proposals are welcomed. Those who would like to propose the next commission should take a look at the bylaws of the IGU statutes ( and should also look into the proposal from 2007-2008.



Members of the commission is planning for four books:

         • Book on different types of cities (Wayne Davies).

         • Book on world urbanization – comparing Urban systems: theoretical, empirical (Petros Petsimeris, Céline Rozenblat).

         • Epistemology of the former members of the commission (Petros Petsimeris).

         • Book on the geography of crime (Andre Horn).


The present editors reported on progress.


The Urban Geography Commission has since its establishment 1976 produced 22 books.


Working papers:

It was suggested to put some working papers in the IGU Urban commission website. It was agreed from everybody. It's ready on the website and we’ll put all the Tel-Aviv contributions,


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