September 2011

Minutes: Business meeting: August 14, 2011. Canterbury.

33 urban geographers present.

0. Welcome and warm thanks to Dan O’Donoghue

1. Next commission.
Commissions are established for the study of a specific problem or for the accomplishment of a task which requires international collaboration. They shall promote individual and group research work, l encourage the exchange of relevant documents and information, organize conferences, meetings and excursions, be active both between congresses and during International Geographical Congresses.

The establishment of a new Commission may be proposed by a member country or by the Executive Committee. The proposal, including a statement of objectives and a program of work, should reach the Executive Committee at least nine months before the time of meeting of the General Assembly. The objectives of the new Commission should be precisely defined. The proposal should be accompanied by a suggested list of the future chair and possible steering committee members. It shall then be discussed and may be approved by the Executive Committee.

Text (is being prepared by the steering committee)

Elections (nominations)
The participants of the business meeting agreed that the management group should reflect:
• The urban geography spectrum: urban structure to urban systems
• Old world. New world
• North America, South America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania
• Gender
• Activity level in the commission
• Urban geography heavyweighters

At the business meeting in Canterbury August 18. 2011 the call for nominations for next leadership (august 2012-august 2016) for 1 president, 2 vice-presidents and 8 other members of the steering committee resulted in the following proposed names for different offices:

President: Celine Rozenblat (Switzerland)

Associate Chairs: Adrian G. Aguilar (Mexico)
Dan O’Donoghue (United kingdom)

Members of the Steering Committee:

  • Liliane Buccianti-Barakat (Libanon)
  • Petros Petsimeris (France)
  • Ludger Basten (Germany)
  • Nico Kotze (South Africa)
  • Keisuke Matsui (Japan)
  • Maria Jose Pineira-Mantinan (Spain)
  • Ivan Townshed (Canada)
  • Lidia Mierzejewska (Poland)

It was decided that if anyone wants to nominate anyone other than the above listed, please do so to Christian Matthiessen ( at the latest September 15, 2011. It was decided to ask Larry Bourne, Jean Bernard Racine and Jim Simmons to constitute the election committee and carry out elections Sept. 15-Oct 1. 2011 using similar systematic as in the last elections.

2. Coming meetings

  • Santiago, Chile nov. 14-18 2011. Four members of the steering committee will participate. Chair will be Celine Rozenblat and Adrian Aguilar
  • Dortmund 2012: Urban commission Cologne 2012: main IGU congress. Presentation: Ludger Basten. Attached and approved. Co-session with the commission on transport geography is planned also.

Meetings for the Urban Commission:

  • 2013: Johannesburg,
  • 2014: Beirut,
  • 2015: Lausanne

Regional meetings:

  • 2013:Kyoto,
  • 2014: Krakov,
  • 2015: Moscow
  • IGU main congress Beijing 2016. Incorporation of urban commission meeting


3. Young scholars committee.
New book was presented by Maria Jose Pineira-Mantinan: “New trends in the renewal of the city” (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela eds.). The group is active and plans for forthcoming publications are being developed.
It was decided to organize a competition of young scholar papers, supporting the venue for the young scholars winners.

4. Other business.
Book projects:
Members of the commission is planning for four books:
• Book on different types of cities (Wayne Davies).
• Book on world urbanization – comparing Urban systems: theoretical, empirical (Petros Petsimeris, Céline Rozenblat).
• Epistemology of the former members of the commission (Petros Petsimeris). • Book on the geography of crime (Andre Horn).


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